The experts have spoken: What to look out for in IT in 2016

By Concorde Blogger @condordeitgroup

Concorde’s Technology Day was held on Wednesday February 24th, and with it, a lot of hints towards what themes to look out for in 2016.

We had expert presentations from major vendors on topics such as Microsoft Server 2016, Zerto Disaster Recovery and NetApp’s predictions for the year ahead. Here is what they told us to look out for this year:

Cisco will be concentrating on ICF, allowing VMs to be migrated to any cloud platform and converted to the destination format. Watch out in the next couple of weeks for announcements on cloud and hyper converged architecture.

Microsoft’s Server 2016 is mooted to be released in June 2016. It is already live in certain areas such as Azure and Office 365 so you may be using it without knowing it! They will be looking to virtualise as many programs as possible, with a great focus on security.

NetApp’s focus will be on simplicity. Products such as Data Fabric which will sit across all cloud storage helping to secure your files, and software disassociation from the hardware that it is set on will begin to simplify systems. Watch out for data management innovation as it is predicted to overcome cloud security and sovereignty concerns, paving the way for storage admins to evolve into data managers.

Veeam detailed Veeam Cloud Connect, available in v8. The best strategy is to follow the 3-2-1 approach, 3 copies, 2 different media and 1 offsite copy. Cloud connect enables easy integration with cloud providers to offsite their Veeam backups.

Sophos called for a security revolution, explaining the need for synchronised security. With comprehensive protection provided by endpoint security to prevent threats, encrypt data and detect machines that are already compromised to remediate threats, Sophos state that this is the way to better decisions and integration, faster to reduce threat impact.

Zerto offered the worrying statistic that 1 in 3 companies have declared a disaster in the past 5 years. With this in mind and the expense of any downtime, Zerto suggest that much simpler, hybrid solutions will become more prevalent, offering recovery in just minutes.

 There you have it, whatever area of IT you are interested in there will be a trend above that applies to you. Is there anything that you think we should be looking out for this year?

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